Green Oil - Green Clean - Bike Cleaner (Concentrate) 300ml


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Low Carbon, Eco Friendly Bike Cleaner...


Green Oil Green Clean is a deep cleansing agent that will clean your bike by removing the build-up of oil, grease, mud, and grime. Urban riders, as well as mountain bikers, can enjoy the smoother and faster gear transitions and efficient rides. The bottle comes with an easy to remove the leak-proof cap and dual-mode spray for ease of use. The concentrated formula uses less water, to reduce shipping weight and associated carbon footprint.

Green Clean offers excellent grease-busting properties, for deep cleaning of bikes for enhanced efficiency. Though made without PTFE or PFOA, the formula offers excellent performance close to the petrochemical equivalent cleansers in the market. The natural formula works through tough muddy frames and oily drivetrains without any side effects of corrosion or other damage to your bike.

Green Clean is a pocket-friendly option as 300 ml concentrate can be diluted with water to make 1 liter of cleaning solution. The powerful formula can be applied to the bike and left for a couple of minutes so it can work on the removal of grease and other build-ups. Scrub using a cloth or sponge, and a brush to remove the dirt and grime. Wash off with water.

Green Oil's eco-friendly formula made completely with natural plant-based formula, free of palm oil and harmful petrochemicals, gentle on your surroundings by reducing pollution. With its 100% sustainable formula, Green Clean does not leave harmful traces in the environment. The advanced formula is also free of harmful aerosol agents.

Use: Pollution-free cleaning of bikes

Recommended for: Commuters or mountain bikers, e-bikes and kids' bikes

Packaging: 300 ml recycled bottle


How to use Green Clean?

1. Shake the bottle to activate ingredients
2. Twist spray nozzle to select either spray or water pistol mode
3. Spray all over your dirty bike
4. Leave for around 2 minutes
5. Use a wet Ecosponge and Bicycle Brush to clean off dirt and grime
6. Thoroughly rinse your bike with preferably rain water from a butt, or tap water
7. Admire your clean bike!



How is Green Clean green?

Well firstly, its not just the name! The Green Clean formula is totally biodegradable, but not only that, its formula uses 100% natural ingredients. That means a minimal impact on the environment, and lower carbon footprint. Green Clean was developed in house and has award winning cleaning performance. It uses a special detergent derived from coconut oil, and orange peel extract among other natural ingredients. Curiously, the orange peel is a bi-product of the organic orange juice industry. All ingredients are sustainably sourced too.

Green Clean bottles can be refilled. This reduces the carbon footprint of transporting the products around. 

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