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Green Oil Degreaser Jelly is a deep cleansing agent that will clean your bike by removing the build-up of oil, grease, mud, and grime. Urban riders, as well as mountain bikers, can enjoy the smoother and faster gear transitions and efficient rides. The bottle comes with an easy to remove snap-cap for ease of use.

Green Oil Degreaser offers excellent grease-busting properties, for deep cleaning of bike chains for enhanced pedaling efficiency. Though made without PTFE or PFOA, the formula offers excellent performance close to the petrochemical equivalent cleansers in the market.

You can easily clean the chain without removing it from the bike. The sticky formula can be applied to the chain and left for a few minutes so it can work on the removal of grease and other build-ups. Follow up with wiping off with a dry rag and then a wet rag or a brush scrub for complete cleaning. Optionally you can dilute the jelly with water to make a chain bath, where you will leave the chain to soak for 2-4 hours. The versatile jelly can also be diluted further to create a generic bike cleaning solution. Degreaser Jelly is so flexible that you can apply a coating of it to the chain and secure on the upper layer of dishwasher and run a regular cycle with other dishes.

Green Oil's eco-friendly formula made completely with natural plant-based formula, free of palm oil and harmful petrochemicals, is gentle on your surroundings. With its recycled plastic bottle packaging, the degreaser does not leave harmful traces in the environment. The advanced degreaser formula is also free of harmful aerosol agents.

Use: Degreaser to clean bike chains

Recommended for: Commuters or mountain bikers, e-bikes and kids' bikes

Packaging: 100 ml recycled bottle. Also available in 5 liter, 1.32 Gal Shop Size.


Why clean your chain?
Layer upon layer of chain lube can build up into a mess. Pollution in the air can pollute your chain, and mud and road dirt can also make it dirty. A clean chain with oil can be over 99% efficient.

How to use Clean Chain 

1. Apply liberally to the chain

2. Ride the bike for a minute or less to work it in, shifting through the gears

3. Next, wipe the chain hard with a dry rag

4. Then, wipe or scrub down again with a wet rag or Green Oil Bicycle Brush. 
(It helps to do this on the top part of the chain, keeping the chain tight by holding the cranks in place)

5. Rinse thoroughly with water. A good way is to pour a watering can onto the chain, whilst turning the cranks backwards. 

6. Leave to dry, or dry with an old towel

You can also use 30ml Clean Chain and 60ml water mixed together in a chain bath. This is where you take the chain off the bike, and leave it in a small but of this solution for 2-4 hours. Then wipe clean. The same mix can be used in a chain cleaning devise, up to 1 part Clean Chain to 3 parts water. 

Clean Chain can also be mixed with 900ml water to make a whole litre of Green Clean bike cleaner!



  • Other degreasers often boast about their orange content. However, they are often petroleum based, with a hint of orange. 'Greenwash' they like to call it. Moreover, many use aerosol cans with harmful propellants, and packaging that is difficult to recycle.
  • Clean Chain degreaser's formula is 100% natural ingredients
  • Its bottle is 100% recycled plastic, and easily recyclable
  • Clean Chain is totally biodegradable after its life on your bike
  • It won't damage your skin
  • Clean Chain doesn't contain any petrochemicals. We use a special detergent made from coconut oil, orange peel extract, which is a by product of the organic orange juice industry, and other plant based ingredients for powerful degreasing performance.

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