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SIGMA Light - BLAZE FLASH, Rear Light w/ Brake Light

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Sigma Blaze Flash rear light features not only a brake light function, but also two flash modes, making it even more visible on and off road. The integrated brightness sensor automatically activates the bike light when visibility conditions are poor. 500 meters of visibility range; 50 hours of burn time; cost-effective, multifaceted, and user-friendly: the BLAZE FLASH is a true all-rounder for any seat post!

UNIVERSAL MOUNTING: Blaze facilitates easy attachment to seat posts with its no-tool mounting. The light can be taken off quickly when not needed.

AUTO SENSOR LIGHT: The BLAZE FLASH has four modes to choose from. In addition to the static continuous light, there is the auto sensor light, which activates automatically when it gets dark thanks to the brightness sensor. 

LIGHT MODES: Blaze has a smart brake light function that keeps you safe on the road. In the day mode, only the brake light feature is on, with the continuous light off. In the night mode, both the continuous light and brake light feature are on for enhanced visibility.

FLASH MODES. Another highlight is the two flashing modes, Pulse Flash and Eco Flash. Pulse Flash with its 3 pulsing red LEDs lasts for 11 hours, while the Eco Flash lasts even longer for up to 50 hours with one flashing red LED. The ability to switch to an energy-saving mode is very useful especially on long tours.

RECHARGEABLE: Blaze can be easily recharged using micro-USB cable included in about 2 hours. The battery burn time is approximately 7 hours. With the two-stage indicator, you can easily keep track of charging status and battery capacity.

Blaze Taillight contents:
Light, USB cable, Holder with 2x O rings of different diameters.


  • 3 LED brake light function
  • Pulse and Eco flash modes
  • Day and night mode
  • 500 m visibility range
  • Run time: 9 h (Standard), 11 h (Pulse flashing), 50 h (Eco flashing)
  • Charge time: 3 h
  • Tool-free mounting with flexible silicone mount
  • Integrated micro USB charge function
  • Improved side visibility
  • Two-stage battery indicator
  • Splash resistant in accordance with IPX4
  • Weight: 22 g


Blaze includes Light, USB cable, Holder with 2x O rings of different diameters.

Following accessories can be purchased separately:

18552 Charger + Micro USB Cable

SIGMA USB Wall Charger, US version - ZEITBIKE

18553 Micro USB Cable


00468 O-Ring Bracket

SIGMA Spare O-Ring Bracket for Sigma Blaze, Nugget II, Nugget II Flash - ZEITBIKE