B&W Protection/Transport - Bike Case II


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Big protective case for the transport of racing bikes, triathlon bikes and mountain bikes incl. 29".


  • Surrounding aluminum frame and protective ring.
  • For simplified packing the top shell can be completely removed.
  • Includes 2 29" wheel guards (other size wheel guards are available separately).
  • Four free running castor wheels with reinforced axle and an additional castor in the bottom.
  • Two carrying handles and two pull handles (one pull handle for pulling on two wheels).
  • Lockable with a TSA padlock (not included in the delivery).
  • The two case halves are interlocking at six points around the side, and pulled together with two self tightening buckles for easy closing and fitting of the case.

Product Details

  • internal dimensions 51.2 x 32.1 x 12.6 inch
  • external dimensions 53.0 x 34.6 x 13.8 inch
  • weight 35.3 lb
  • color black
  • material ABS

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