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🥳 Zeitbike New Year Special 10% OFF Knog Bike Locks

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🏙️ Colorful & Trendy Bike Locks for City People. Great Value on Display w/ Locks.



Let’s welcome the New Year with a Special Discount of 10% off on Knog locks.
Offer valid on orders $500 or above.
Just use the discount code KNOG10 and you are all set.

This is in addition to any volume discount you may have with your Zeitbike account, which makes it extra sweet.

We’ve some great combos on Knog bike locks already discounted - Knog Frankie Refill Set of 18 locks in assorted colors & 18 Piece Lock Set w/ Display.

Additionally we have the following individual locks on sale:
  • Chain Locks - Straight Jacket Skinny & Straight Jacket Fatty
  • Cable Locks - Kransky, Frankie, Kabana & Party Frank
  • Milkman - Cable & Combo Locks
  • Combo Locks - Party Combo & Twisted Combo
  • Bouncer U-Lock
Wholesalers/Dealers: Please look at the bottom of your cart for the box to put your discount code.
Individual Shoppers: Discount code box will be towards the right top of your checkout page.

Please note that while the discount code applies to Knog items, you can add other brand items also in your order.

📣 Great news! We have partnered with Rumbleship to offer Net Terms to dealers.
  • You can get NET 30 and NET 60 as our standard terms and NET 90 upon request on orders.
  • You can also use Rumbleship to just wire us immediately, no rates apply.

You can read all about it here.

💨 Stay safe and keep riding!

& Your Team at ZEITBIKE