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👌 Top Reasons Why Cyclists Should Wear A Cycling Glove

👌 Top Reasons Why Cyclists Should Wear A Cycling Glove

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Comfort and Protection is top priority for any sport, especially cyclists who are treading uncertain terrains frequently. A glove can go a long way in making sure that your rides are safe as well as enjoyable.

Here are the top reasons for cyclists to consider wearing gloves when they ride:

  • Grip: This comes first and the foremost in our list. Cycling gloves will absorb sweat and water thereby making sure that your hands are dry for the most secure grip on the handlebar.
  • Protection: Cyclists are quite often treading the toughest trails where they encounter sudden terrain shifts, bumps, and falls. Gloves will absorb those trail vibrations and shock, preventing them from reaching your hands.
  • Comfort: Most cycling gloves come with extra padding, which offers comfort as you ride. This also protects your palms when you put them down on the ground during a fall.
  • Warmth: When riding in cold weather, especially Winter, gloves help keep your hands warm and cozy.
  • Fatigue Reduction: Some gloves with specific ergonomic features that will protect your nerves from fatigues, and hence prevents numbness and tingling associated with long term riding.

Tips for purchasing the right bike glove:

  • Size: Make sure they are the correct size for a snug fit. This is very important for proper grip on handlebars.
  • Full finger of Half finger: If you are looking for breathability on warm weather rides, a half finger glove will be just right. On cold weather rides, you will want to resort to the warmth and protection offered by full finger design.
  • Breathability: It’s advised to go with gloves that are designed with enough ventilation for breathability and comfort.
  • Material: Make sure that the gloves are designed with the right material that stretches and offers freedom of finger and palm movement.
  • Comfort features: Look for additional comfort features like easy pull-on/pull-off tabs, or thumb wipes for quickly wiping off sweat, or smartphone friendly index finger design for modern riders.
  • Durability: Sometimes it is worth paying a little bit extra to get yourself a pair of gloves that will last you a long time. Look for brand quality as well as for material with high tear resistance.
  • Hirzl Bike Gloves - An Overview

    Hirzl Gloves made by the top Swiss brand - Hirzl, are the top in the industry for bicycle gloves, golf gloves, as well as multi-sports gloves.

    Patented GRIPPP Technology offers the best grip available in the market, 5x the normal grip in wet weather, and 3x the grip in dry weather.

    Kangaroo Leather Palms offer excellent sweat control and water absorption for a perfect dry grip on the handlebar.

    Light & Breathable design combined with tear resistance and durability makes Hirzl a top choice for cyclists.


    Following bike gloves from Hirzl have all the design features discussed above:

    • Grippp Light SF or FF Bike Gloves is for minimalists who want the protection of gloves as well as a gloveless riding experience.
    • Grippp Tour SF 2.0 or FF 2.0 Bike Gloves has an ergonomic, low-wrist construction as well as gel padding for additional comfort.
    • Grippp Thermo Bike Gloves with softshell membrane backhand for protection from wind and water, as well as reflective lining for extra visibility.
    • Grippp Force FF Bike, Baseball, Softball, Shooting, or Hunting Gloves with neoprene wrist construction and spandex flex inserts for second-to-skin fit.
    • Finger Jacket is a great outer layer glove that you can wear on top of any of the above gloves for extra protection and comfort. This helps you make use of the benefits of Hirzl’s patented “Grippp” technology with an additional layer which can be removed when not needed.

      If you are looking for a casual glove, for warm weather rides, then you can go with Villain Gauntlet gloves available in bright colors.



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