👌 Sigma Sports - Top Quality in Sports and Technology

👌 Sigma Sports - Top Quality in Sports and Technology

🚴 Leading European brand in Bicycle Computers, Sports Watches, and Bicycle Lights

Sigma Sports - Cycle computers, Sports Watches & Bicycle Lights

With the arrival of smartphones, there was a trend in most riders moving away from bicycle computers. But the market is still good for bike computers, and for good reasons. Enthusiastic riders still stick by bike computers for these benefits.

Why Bike Computers?

Specialized: Bicycle computers are focused on their essential functions, which helps you stay in focus without distractions in a smartphone.

Price: Smartphones are usually more expensive than bike computers, and hence it is smarter to use a bike computer for riding functions than risking the use of phones on bumpy and windy trails.

Battery efficiency: Bike computers come with specialized batteries which tend to last long and will spare you from draining your phone battery.

Readability: Computers have big lettering and displays which are easier to scroll through during rides.

Accurate Riding Functions: Some of the advanced cycle computers have very focused functions, which will help you drastically improve your performance.

Sigma Cycle Computers

About Sigma:

Sigma’s founder has the unique reputation of having invented the first ever bicycle computer in the 1980s. From 1982, the company has been a leading player in the bicycle computer and accessories field in Europe.

Sigma strives by its German values of quality and function, tapping into its passion for sports and technology. Sigma offers a wide variety of bicycle computers with choice of wired vs wireless, as well as analog vs digital. There is something for every price range, so customers have a choice that meets their budget.

Bike Computer Lineup

Essential functions; BC 5.16, with large display and essential functions, the choice expands to BC 7.16 available in wired, or analog wireless choices

Calorie functions: BC 9.16 which offers calorie tracking available in wired, or analog wireless

Altitude tracking: BC 14.16 with extra altitude functions, also available in wired or analog wireless.

Extended bike functions: BC 16.16 offers estimated time of arrival, fuel savings, time tracking etc. Available as wired or digital wireless model with optional cadence function

No frills design: Pure 1 offers essential riding functions on a large, easy to read display, and easy single button operation.

Sigma also offers smartwatches as well as a large array of bicycle lights for fitness enthusiasts and bikers.

Sigma Advantage

  • Top class service and warranty (offered by Zeitbike)
  • High quality brand name for customer retention to your shop
  • Margins and attractive MSRPs
  • Beautiful design and aesthetics
  • User friendly displays and functional mounts

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