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💪 Let’s Celebrate Hard Work This International Workers Day!

💪 Let’s Celebrate Hard Work This International Workers Day!

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🚴 Cycling Tips & Accessories to motivate your commuter customer base


Top Cycling Merchandise for Commuters - Recognizing Hard Work this International Workers’ Day

“Without labor nothing prospers.” – Sophocles

Though cycling has been very popular among commuters and office goers in European countries for a very long time, it has a long way to go in the United States. This past year, due to the pandemic restrictions, we saw a drastic rise in the popularity of sports among our entire customer base.

Show your customers the benefits of cycling to work

Are you one of those who has repeatedly been bothered by the amount of time spent in traffic and signals? Or one who wants to exercise but cannot seem to fit it in during a busy daily schedule? Here are some excellent ways cycling to work can benefit you.

Save the money spent on gas

If your work is at a distance that you can reasonably cover daily by cycling, you will be saving on the gas that you spent on the car.

Great exercise to improve your health, or lose weight

You don't have to make extra time in your day to hit the gym. Exercise those muscles and stay fit by commuting to work. Studies have proven that cycling improves your health, especially making your heart and lungs stronger.

Boost your mental strength

Being outdoors and improving your fresh air intake will make you feel better. You will have more chances to interact with your surroundings and relax.

Do your little bit towards being environment friendly

Cycling does not have side effects on the environment. Moreover you are helping to reduce carbon emissions and pollution from automobiles.

Experience the joy of cycling

Cycling is a great way to incorporate fun into your work commute, something that will make you look forward to every working day!

Convenience and time

In addition to saving time spent on traffic jams, you will also avoid time spent on finding a parking space in crowded city spaces.

Stay safe by avoiding public transportation

With all the risks that came up during the Covid-19 pandemic, cycling turned out to be a great option for commuters compared to crowded trains or buses.

Cycling Merchandise for commuters

For any exercise, there are essential accessories to ensure safety and fun. Here are our best sellers that cyclists vouch by.

Bike Phone Holders tops our list for what is most important for riders of today. Finn phone mounts are available in bright and sassy color choices.

Bike Lights are essential for your safety as well as for the safety of others on the road.

Cycling Helmets are a must have for any commuter. Its important to make your choice based on safety as well as comfort.

Bags and Panniers are comfortable and convenient for commuters to carry during daily rides.

Bike Gloves No matter what the weather is, gloves come in handy for comfort as well as to stay warm.

Bike Locks are quite handy when you have to park your bike in city and other public places.

Mudguards/Fenders are an essential accessory for commuters to protect themselves from splashes and sprays.

Brake Pads should be reliable and easily serviceable. You can find the best German brand at Zeitbike online shop.

Lubes & Cleaners While stocking up on these, we went an extra mile to make sure that these are biodegradable, and environment friendly, to do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. Check out “Green Oil” products from the UK.

Puncture Sealants are particularly important for commuters so that they do not waste time getting late to work.

Tires: It’s important to pick a recognized, high quality tire for reliability. Check out panaracer tires for commuters.
Wheels: We carry high tech wheels from Spinergy, which offers specific models for road bikes.


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