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🚲 How to Pick the Right Mudguard for your bike?

🚲 How to Pick the Right Mudguard for your bike?

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💦 Get the best protection for wet rides

How to Pick the Right Mudguard (also known as fenders) for your bike?

While most thrill riders had previously preferred to stick to a minimalist bike design without mudguards, we’re increasingly seeing commuters, casual riders, urban bikers, and group riders moving towards steady use of mudguards.


Who needs mudguards?

Riding without mudguards will quickly increase the accumulation of dirt and grime on your bicycle parts, there by increasing maintenance requirements. While racers and dirt packers do not mind or rather enjoy coming back home in sweat and dirt, commuters and office goers have a need to stay clean and dry after their rides.

In short, mudguards are to protect the cyclist as well as the bicycle from splashes and sprays on roads and trails. Group riders also prefer fenders to stay dry and remain courteous to other fellow riders and others on the road.


Which type of mudguard?

Clip-On mudguards are great for bikes that do not have clearance and mounting options for permanent mudguards. Ass Savers Mudguards are our most popular clip on mudguards with a variety of options in size and style.

Permanent or Bolt-On mudguards are a great option with good coverage for bikes with ample clearance and mounting options for them to be bolted on. They are available for front mounting, rear mounting, or as sets for front and rear fenders. We have a great variety of bolt on fenders from SKS.

Zip Tie mudguards are the most minimal and can be easily attached to your bike whenever needed. Villain Vandal is our stylish, and cool offering for modern bikers.


Which mudguard is fit for my tire width and tire size?

Other factors of consideration are tire width and tire size. Mudguards have to be at least 10-12mm wider than the tire to enough optimum protection. Also check what your tire size is and compare against the mudguard specification to make sure that they are compatible.


Wholesaler Exclusives

Wholesalers can create custom mudguards with their own logo and information! Check out your options at Zeitbike.com


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