🌟 Don’t Miss Out on these Best Sellers of 2021

🌟 Don’t Miss Out on these Best Sellers of 2021

🚴 Best Selling Accessories of 2021 - See what’s trending!

Bicycling has seen a very upward and positive trend in North America for the past year and half, precisely after the onset of pandemic. People have resorted passionately into cycling for a variety of reasons - commuting, recreation, entertainment, or fitness. Let’s take a look at our best selling accessories that have made our customer journeys easier and fun!

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  1. Ass Savers Rain Fenders - Clip On mudguards for road bikes, mountain bikes, or gravel bikes

This original saddle mudguard keeps water and dirt off your butt in all kinds of weather. Attach it to your saddle in seconds! Both the Ass Savers Regular (for 23-35mm wide tires) and Ass Savers BIG (for 30-55mm wide tires) are our best sellers for 2021 so far.

Ass Savers Fenders with custom designs - Skelly with screaming skeleton design and Camo with camouflage design also showed great movement among our customers. See all Ass Savers

  1. TSG Basic Set - All in One Skate protection set

Includes a set of knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards for beginners and bargain hunters. The elbow and knee pads feature EVA cup foam and PE caps to provide protection against impacts and abrasions. The wrist guards stabilise hands and wrists with full straps and palm splint.

TSG offers a wide range of protection pads as well as skating/cycling helmets. See all TSG

  1. Ass Savers Mudder Mini Front Fender - Protects your face and headset bearings from grime

Simply mount it to your fork legs just above your front tire and you will dramatically reduce the amount of spray in the critical areas. The MUDDER Mini attaches with innovative adjustable anti-slip straps to guarantee an instant and perfect fit on all fork sizes. See all Ass Savers

  1. Ass Savers Fendor Bendor Rear Fender - Full rear mudguard for instant protection

The all new FENDOR BENDOR Regular is a great option for those truly wet moments when you wish you had a fully protecting mudguard. It attaches with no tools to virtually every bike in just a few seconds. Still foldable, it can easily be stored in a bag or jersey pocket for wet weather deployment. See all Ass Savers

  1. TSG Meta Helmet - Certified helmet for Skateboarding and Cycling

The Meta is an all-sport city helmet, featuring a ventilated, lightweight In-mold construction and easy to adjust Dial Fit System for a perfect fit on the move.

TSG offers a wide range of protection pads as well as skating/cycling helmets. See all TSG

  1. SKS Velo 65 - Mountain Bike Fender Set - Impact resistant mud busters for your bike

Perfect for city and off-road cycling, the SKS Velo 65 Mountain covers tires from 2.1”-2.35”. It looks sporty and is easy to securely attach to the bike frame bar. First with a universal mounting system. See all SKS

  1. Miles Racing Semi Metallic Disc Brake Pads - Shimano, Tektro

Miles Racing Semi-metallic brake pads are best suited for daily urban rides, dirt, XC, E-bikes, trail and light enduro rides, where bikers are not pumping on their brakes continuously.

Miles Racing offers sintered, semi-metallic, and organic brake pads. See all from Miles Racing here.

  1. Panaracer Inner Tube Presta (French) Valve

Available in all major sizes, valve lengths and styles and with a variety of core and sealing options.

Panaracer offers a wide range of tires and tubes for bicycles. See all Panaracer here.

  1. Vintage Cycling Cap - Eddy Merckxx

One size fits all – the elastic adjusts to fit head size. Its band will keep the sweat from your eyes and the peak provides UV protection. See all cycling caps here.

  1. Sigma Buster 700 Front Light

This compact, yet very visible lighting solution with 700 lumen light output and 100 m visibility range, helps bikers stay visible and safe during night rides. Sigma also offers cycle computers, and sports watches for fitness enthusiasts. See al from Sigma.

About Zeitbike: Zeitbike is a boutique bicycling accessories company, focused on sourcing the best products on earth to make cycling safer and more fun. We have all accessories such as helmets, caps, brake pads, tires, wheels, grips, fenders, cycling computers, bicycle lights, cleaners and lubes, phone mounts, and much more! Check out Zeitbike.com to see our entire catalog.



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