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💯 Perfection born from passion. Quick & Easy Solution to puncture problems.

Spare yourself from inconvenience and downtime from flat tires! Here is a smart and ingenious puncture solution for all cyclists.

Fast & Permanent Solution
Zero Flats’ advanced formula acts as soon as a puncture is detected to create a permanent seal that clots instantly. The professional grade formula works faster and more consistently than regular sealants in the market.

Goodbye to Flat Tires
The swift sealing action makes air loss negligible, sparing bikers from inconvenience of flat tires.

Works for all bicycle tires
Zero Flats works on all tire types - Mountain Bike, Hybrid/Comfort Bike, Road Bike, Triathlon/Time Trial Bike, BMX/Trick Bike, Commuting Bike, Cyclocross Bike, Track Bike/Fixed Gear, Folding Bike, Cruiser, Recumbent, Tandem and E-Bikes.

Keeps our planet clean and safe
The no mess formula is easy to apply. Washes off easily from the tire, without leaving any residue. To top it all, the product is ammonia free, biodegradable and environment friendly. So another one with less carbon footprint to add to your shelf.

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  • You can get NET 30 and NET 60 as our standard terms and NET 90 upon request on orders.
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💨 Stay safe and keep riding!

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