SKS - Bike Fender Set - Bluemels 75 U Long - Black Matte, 27.5" To 29", 56-66mm


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Enjoy cycling in any weather with the SKS BLUEMELS 75 U Long Bike Fender Set!


  • Covers tire widths up to 65 mm
  • Extremely durable, thanks to proprietary construction, in which super-fine aluminium strips are embedded in a matte black plastic coating make these mudguards extremely durable
  • Resistant to bending and UV damage
  • Includes accessory parts and stays

75 U Long model offers extended rear protection and can also be mounted on bottom bracket.


  • Color: black matte
  • Weight: 820 g 
  • Wheels: 27.5", 650b, 28", 29"
  • Tire width: 56-66mm
  • Length front fender: 680 mm
  • Length rear fender: 1120 mm

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