TSG - Elbowguard Scout A


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Ergonomic softshell construction offers ultimate flexibility and stretch benefits for rigorous mountain bike riders. Softshell offers all-day comfort in addition to endurance parameters like reliability, durability, stability, and strength. These elbow guards are extremely durable with a top cover made using tear-resistant nylon that stands up to wear.


Even the most experienced of the bikers have the risk of falls and crashes from varying trail conditions. Bikers can count on the most reliable impact resistance and protection from cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Special ACF (Arti-lage) impact foam is normally flexible and soft, but when faced with impact, it offers the toughest, hardshell protection. The special foam also dissipates the impact forces to barely noticeable heat before it reaches the body.


Pre-shaped design conforms to natural body shape and secures well for a comfortable, close fit. The horseshoe shape provides complete coverage around the elbow. This unique shape and the special anti-slip silicone on the interior of the top cuff keep the pad in place, without shifting and sliding. The flexible design does not restrict mobility, allowing free arm movements. A compression-molded foam pad with a raised top around the joint area helps with recovery.


Elbow guards have an easy pull-over design so that bikers can just pull them up and secure with straps for a close fit. Arm bend has a 4-way mesh for ample flow of fresh air, preventing heat buildup and associated discomfort. Perforated, soft neoprene cuffs are extremely comfortable on the skin with temperature management and shock absorption benefits. 360° top velcro strap allows complete binding for a tight, yet adjustable fit.


TSG gets it that athletes and professionals do not want any compromise when it comes to safety. TSG elbow guards are made with the utmost quality and performance standards to meet the European standard for motorcyclist protective clothing for mountain biking. Designed in Switzerland, TSG products are tested by an internal team of riders and certified by independent lab testing.


With TSG Scout A elbow guards, bikers can be proactive in protecting their body from inadvertent falls and impact forces on harsh trails. By investing in the right protective gear, they can stay away from the injuries and save on time and money spent on hospitals.

TSG’s softshell construction uses pure soft foam for protection from abrasions, crashes, and falls. Cushiony protection from special ACF impact foam dampens impact forces before reaching the body. Tear-resistant tough nylon outer cover is extremely durable and flexible to stand up to the rigors of MTB.

Soft neoprene construction is flexible and low-key, adding to the wearing comfort, without being intrusive on mobility. Scout A guards are pre-shaped to the contour of natural body shape for the most aligned fit. Sleeves have a horseshoe shape for maximum coverage. The horseshoe design along with the anti-slip silicone top cuff keep the sleeve in place without slipping or shifting down.

Scout A sleeves are made with ample ventilation for pleasurable riding experience. With the pull-over design, the sleeves can be put on and taken off easily. Elbow guards are secured in place with double velcro straps, where the top strap has a 360° design that provides complete binding of the guard to the elbow. Bikers will enjoy all-day wearing comfort during rigorous rides.

TSG elbow guards offer incredible quality surpassing international safety standards such as EN 1621-1:2012 LEVEL 1 - the European standard for motorcyclist protective clothing for mountain biking. Designed in Switzerland, TSG products are tested by a team of riders and certified by independent lab testing.

Uses: Trail, All-Mountain, Dirt, Park
Certifications: EN 1621-1:2012 LEVEL 1
Weight: 219 gm
Material: 42% ACF PU FOAM, 40% NYLON, 13% POLYESTER, 5% RUBBER
Sizes: S: Bicep 24-27 cm, M: Bicep 27-30 cm, L: Bicep 30-33 cm, XL: 33-36 cm


TSG - Elbowguard Scout A

TSG - Elbowguard Scout A

TSG - Elbowguard Scout A

TSG - Elbowguard Scout A



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