Panaracer - Pasela ProTite (City / Touring) Bicycle Folding Tire


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The Pasela ProTite is available in a wide range of sizes. It incorporates our newest puncture technology, ProTite. ProTite is 24% stronger than previous puncture materials and advanced technology for puncture protection. Available in a folding or steel bead configuration.

The latest ProTite belt offers the same great puncture protection of the ProTite "Shield". The difference is that ProTite Shield is bead to bead protection and ProTite Belt is placed under the tread.

400D Cord technology increases side-cut resistance of this tire while improving the rigidity during cornering. This particular casing reinforcement helps protect the tube from punctures without adding weight to the tire.

This tire has been used by serious touring cyclists, long haul experts, and across the continents type guys.

Made in Japan

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