SIGMA Bicycle Computer - BC 9.16 ATS, Analogue Wireless


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Sigma BC 9.16 ATS wireless bicycle computer is perfect for fitness enthusiasts who are looking to track calories in addition to essential cycling parameters. BC 9.16 ATS shows calories, speed, distance and trip time in a simple, yet easy to read display. Bikers can also easily scan total calories, total distance and total ride time. Bikers have option to select from 7 languages. 

OPTIMIZED DISPLAY: Sigma topline 2016 computers are designed with maximum display and minimum size to look great on your stem or handlebar. Computer housing has been slimmed down to optimize the readings to as large as possible. Dimensions: Housing: 50 mm H x 35.5 mm W x 10.2 mm D, Display: 27 mm H x 35 mm W

EASY INSTALLATION: Computer can be easily installed on stem or handlebar with the bracket and o-rings included without requiring any complicated tools. Standard and power magnets come with one click mount clamp for easy installation on spokes. 

BC 9.16 ATS (Sigma Item 09162) contents:
Bike computer (incl. battery), ATS/STS handlebar bracket, ATS transmitter, 2 O-Rings (Ø 35mm, 45mm)

BC 9.16 is also available as wired model BC 9.16.


  • Day trip
  • Ride Time / Training time
  • Clock (12/24h)
  • Actual Speed
  • Total Ride Time / Overall training time
  • Total calories*
  • Maximum speed
  • Total distance
  • Calories (Speed based)
  • Comparison of cur. / avg. Speed
  • Automatic start/stop
  • Average speed


  • ATS transmission
  • Available languages: 7
  • Device Settings adjustable via DATA CENTER
  • Service interval adjustable via UFSB
  • Programmable based on tire selection
  • Watertight in accordance with IPX8
  • UFSB 2016 compatible
  • Tool-free mounting
  • Data communication via TOPLINE 2016 docking station


BC 9.16 ATS includes Bike computer (incl. battery), ATS/STS handlebar bracket, ATS transmitter, 2 O-Rings (Ø 35mm, 45mm).

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