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ENHANCED PERFORMANCE FOR E-BIKES: Miles Racing E-Bike brake pads are specifically designed to handle the extra weight from the battery and motor in E-Bikes. They also are designed with enhanced braking stability at higher speeds that e-bikes are usually used at.

HIGH-TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE: Miles Racing E-Pads are designed with a specific mixture formula that lasts 30% longer than organic brake pad formulas to ensure reliable braking at high temperatures. The higher proportion of synthetic fibers also enhances temperature resistance.

QUIET BRAKING POWER: Miles E-Bike brake pads are optimized with special e-bike surfaces with higher proportion of synthetic para-aramid fibers to reduce wear and  tear, yet facilitating quieter operation similar to organic pads.

SUITABLE FOR NON E-BIKE APPLICATIONS: Miles Racing E-Bike brake pads can also be operated on non-electric bicycles as well with no compatibility issues.

RECOMMENDED USES: Miles E-Bike brake pads are designed for touring, trekking, and mountain biking in flat to moderately steep terrain.

QUALITY: Designed in Germany and tested by independent testing companies. Check the list of compatible brake systems for a complete list of compatible brakes. 


Compatibility chart for E-Bike Brake Pads.

Compatibility chart for All Miles Racing Pads (Sintered, Semi Metallic, Organic, or E-Bike)

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