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HIRZL SILK GLOVES light are great base layer gloves, which are worn in combination with other gloves or as light gloves for fresher temperatures. The glove is mainly made out of natural silk, which combines a perfect combination of both warming and breathability functionalities.

The HIRZL SILK light isolate and keep your hands warm, thanks to the natural silk fibre. It is the perfect inner liner glove for all outdoor sports.


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About Hirzl

Hirzl is based in Switzerland and aims at creating the best gloves in the bicycles industry. The GRIPPP technology is a patented and proprietary manufacturing technology only available to Hirzl gloves, which makes them extremely durable, while breathable, form fiting and comfortable, while more gripping even in wet conditions.

We claim boldly that GRIPPP creates the best cycling gloves in the world until someone proves us otherwise.