SIGMA Light - BUSTER 300, Power Light w/ Optional Nugget II Flash


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BUSTER 300: Sigma Buster 300 power light is a compact and durable power light from Sigma's Buster series. This compact, yet very visible lighting solution with 300 lumen light output and 70 m visibility range, helps bikers stay visible and safe during night rides. Weighing as little as 103 gm, the light comes with flexible mounting options to handlebars, helmets or action cam brackets. 

NUGGET II FLASH: Nugget II is a compact and light taillight with visibility range of 400 m. Both Buster 300 and Nugget II are safe for outdoor use with a IPX4 Splash rating.

Buster 300 can be used in four lighting modes - power, standard, eco, and flash. Nugget II can be operated in three modes - standard, high power, and power flash. Both the lights come with integrated lithium-ion batteries that can be conveniently charged using micro-USB cable. Two-stage battery/charge indicator shows remining battery capacity as well as charging status. Fully charged battery will last from 1.5 hours to 13 hours for Buster 300 and 2 hours to 8 hours for Nugget II depending on the mode of operation.

Buster 300 contents: Light, USB cable, adapter for action camera bracket

Buster 300 w/ Nugget II set contents: BUSTER 300, NUGGET II FLASH, USB cable, and an adapter for action camera bracket



  • Maximum light output: 300 lumens
  • Beam range: 70 m
  • Four light modes: power mode (300 lm), standard mode (150 lm), eco mode (70 lm), flashing
  • Burn time: 1,5 h (power mode), 3 h (standard mode), 6 h (eco mode), 13 h (flashing)
  • Charge period: 3 h
  • 360° adjustable bracket
  • Switch on protection (double click for ON)
  • Splash resistant in accordance with IPX4
  • Tool-free mounting
  • Integrated micro USB charge function
  • Two-stage battery/charge indicator
  • Charging possible during operation
  • Weight: 103 g (incl. bracket)


  • 400 m visibility range
  • 3 modes: standard, High power and High power flashing
  • Burn time: 5 h (Standard mode), 2 h (High power mode),and 8 h (Flashing mode)
  • Charge time: 2 h
  • Tool-free mounting with O-ring bracket
  • Integrated micro USB charge function
  • Side visibility
  • Two-stage battery/charge indicator
  • Splash resistant in accordance with IPX4
  • Weight: 24 g


Buster 300 Nugget II set includes BUSTER 300, NUGGET II FLASH, USB cable, and an adapter for action camera bracket. Buster 300 contains Light, USB cable, adapter for action camera bracket

Following accessories can be purchased separately:

Buster 300: 00145 Silicone Mount

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Buster 300: 00460 Spare Screw-Bracket Mount

SIGMA Screw bracketfor BUSTER 100/200/300/600/700/2 - ZEITBIKE

Buster 300: 00467 Helmet Bracket Set

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Buster 300:  00461 Adapter for Action Camera Bracket

SIGMA Accessories (Lights) - Action CAM Mount Adapter - ZEITBIKE

Nugget II: 00468 O-Ring Bracket

SIGMA Spare O-Ring Bracket for Sigma Blaze, Nugget II, Nugget II Flash - ZEITBIKE

Both: 18552 Charger + Micro USB Cable

SIGMA USB Wall Charger, US version - ZEITBIKE

Both: 18553 Micro USB Cable


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